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Okay Girls...Here It Is!!
Every Wedding website gives you the Same Information. How many check-lists of the same stuff do you Really need?
I am going to focus on the Out Door Wedding Site, since that is what Secluded Garden Estate is ALL ABOUT!

Now here are the TIPS and HINTS and NEED-TO-KNOW stuff!


Out Door Wedding?
KEY POINT: Why would you select a dress that you have only seen under Florescent lighting? Take the dress out side before you buy it. Preferably while you are wearing it. This is what you do:

1. Take a Bed Sheet with you to the Bridal Shop.
2.When you have narrowed down your selection, tell the Sales Assistant that you are having an outdoor wedding. Tell her you would like to see the dress in the Sunlight.
3. Invite her to go with you and let her know that you brought a ground cover to put down, so the dres will not get dirty.
4.Then go outside with the Sales Assistance and have someone take pictues.
You will not believe what a difference it makes to see your dress in the Natural Light it will be in. That stark White-White Dress might be Glaring in the Sunlight. Those Rhinestones, Crystals, Beading...they will really sparkle in the Sun...and you will fall in love with your Dress!

Wedding Gown Shopping: Who To Take With You!

#1 Mom (or a good mother substitute), Best Friend, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids to get their opinions ( Remember your friends opinion might be a little jaded, not on purpose of course).....not all women are honest. So if you can take your MOM she will be honest She has no jealously. She wants you to be beautiful.

KEY POINT:TAKE A CAMERA with you. Trust me.every dress you try on will be better than the one before it!!!!
Have someone take digital photos of the dresses as you try them on. Make sure you get a picture of the front and the back. Have you ever heard the saying cameras don't . Well it's truewhen we look at ourselves we can't possibly take in the whole picture in detail. Taking photos also helps us to narrow down the choices.

Walk around the store in front of the mirrors. Watch yourself are you having fun in the dress..or are you stiff and too formal with your physical attitude?

It is important to not only look great, but to feel great! If you feel really good in the dress you will be radient. Remember you want the dress to look good but YOU want to LOOK GREAT in the dress.
In advance select some adjetives that describe how you want to look.  Sexy, Sassy, Stunning, Elegant, Fun, Thin, Hot, Priness, Timeless, Stylish. Sofisticated....Pick 3 adjectives, keep them in mind focus on them when trying on you dress. You will be surprised how this will change your view of each dress.


Okay..........You bought your dress a week ago, and now you are wondering if you made the right choice.
Go back to the shop where you bought your dress. Try it on again it's not too late to change your mind. You will have to still buy your dress from that shop..but you can change your mind. I don't think you will though you will just re-confirm that you had made the right choice, but at least you can now sleep at night!

UNDERGARMENTS: PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!!! PLEASE!!!! Wear the appropriate undergarments when you try on your dress. Trust me if will fit better, and you will look better in it. Most of the stores will let you use their undergarments while trying on dresses.

Bridesmaids Dresses

KEY POINT: WE ARE NOT ALL BUILT THE SAME. So why would anyone think that they could find one style of dress to fit every body.
Minor Details: The bride should pick out the color that she wants the bridesmaids to wear. Most Bridal stores carry many styles of dress that can all be made in the same fabric. So havr the girls try on styles that compliments their body. Now is when your opinion really counts….youu do want them to look good its your wedding, your photos, and you want everyone to look their best. PLEASE, tell them to wear the proper undergarments too!!